Contraception & Family Planning

Find the birth control method that matches your personal family planning goals, while minimizing side effects

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Contraception & Family Planning

There are many factors involved in deciding which birth control is best for you. Are you planning to have a family at some point? If so, how soon? Are you done having children and looking for a permanent option? Have you recently had unprotected sex? Are there special factors about your body that will make one birth control method more desirable or safer than another?

We will make sure we understand your individual needs, medical history and family history so that we can then help you to choose contraception that will optimize your birth control while minimizing side effects. Some contraceptive options are over the counter. Others require an office visit, procedure or prescription.

Reversible Contraception

For women who desire children in the future. Some reversible contraceptives use hormones (estrogen and/or progestin), while others do not.

Permanent Contraception

For women who have finished their childbearing or are absolutely certain they do not wish to have children. These options are not reversible.

We have created this Chart of Contraception Methods to help you understand the many birth control options available to you today. Two more excellent online resources are and SexandU.

Emergency Contraception

Sometimes, even with the best planning, unprotected sex can happen. There are emergency contraceptive options for women who have had unprotected sex between 2 and 5 days ago. One of these options (emergency contraceptive pills) is available over the counter at many pharmacies. Other options (IUDs) are available to our patients through our office. The doctors at Bridgeview Women’s Health are happy to answer our patients’ questions, to assist in finding a pharmacy that carries emergency contraception, or to make an appointment to review alternatives.

Unplanned Pregnancy

When contraception fails and a pregnancy occurs, the doctors at Bridgeview Women’s Health understand that our patients will have questions about the options available to them. We strive to help our patients obtain the information they need to make difficult decisions in a timely fashion. Bridgeview Women’s Health also refers to other safe and confidential local resources for more direct assistance:


“I cannot thank you enough for the professional care you all give & all your kindness. You have a wonderful staff and have been helpful and made all this ‘stuff’ easier to deal with!”