Well-Woman Care

A lasting relationship with your women's health provider is one of the keys to a happy and healthful life

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Project Description

Well-Woman Care & Preventative Gynecology

Well-woman preventative care is gynecology for your entire life. Visit Bridgeview Women’s Health for well woman exams, Pap smears, STD screening, and HPV vaccinations. Lifelong relationships with our patients, from the teen years through the decades after menopause, are what help to make our practice so successful and rewarding. Many women establish care at Bridgeview Women’s Health seeking treatment for a particular condition such as pregnancy, heavy or painful periods, or hormone-related symptoms.

Even if you are not pregnant and have never had any gynecologic problems, we can help ensure that you are living your life as healthfully as possible!

We encourage our patients to see their provider at least once a year for basic well woman examinations.

Your visit will include:

  • Thorough medical, surgical, family and social history

  • Complete physical examination including a breast and pelvic exam.

  • The opportunity to ask specific questions about your health and lifestyle such as family planning or birth control, menstrual cycle irregularities, sexual function, or menopausal symptoms.

Other Issues

Your visit may include age appropriate health maintenance screening tests. Some of these are done at the time of your visit and others are separate tests that require a provider’s order or referral:

  • Pap smear

  • Mammogram

  • Cholesterol screening

  • Colon cancer screening

  • Bone density assessment

  • Sexually-transmitted disease testing

While screening recommendations change over time, we individualize our recommendations for each patient. You can talk to your doctor about how often you should have any of the above screening tests.


“To the staff of Bridgeview Women’s Health: Thank you for all you do for your patients! I appreciate your hardwork, smiling faces & dedication to your work. It does not go unnoticed.”